MOVIE COCKTAIL: Blood & Sand for the Golden Globes

MOVIE COCKTAIL: Blood & Sand for the Golden Globes

When cocktail magician Catherine of Philly's aKitchen Restaurant crafted me a "Blood and Sand" one chilly evening I thought it a new creation.  Turns out it has quite a history.    The drink was named for the 1922 Rudolph Valentino movie, Blood and Sand , a tragic bullfighter tale with a long list of credits. Based on the novel by Vicento Blasco Ibáñez,

Blood and Sand inspired an entire genre of bullfighting fiction and four films: first a 1916 Spanish version; next the Valentino; then a 1941 Technicolor remake starring Tyrone Powers and Rita Hayworth; and finally (so far) a 1989 version with ... Sharon Stone.  Combine that star power with the drink's rich amber glow and it seems the perfect cocktail for a home viewing of the Golden Globes (Sunday 1/15/12), perhaps savored with a buttery bowl of popcorn and a redhot fire as a cold wind rattles the windows and sequined stars slither across the screen.

I can't vouch for the movie, but the smoky, just slightly sweet mix of ingredients has made "Blood and Sand" my new favorite cocktail.  This recipe comes from The Bar Guide by Williams-Sonoma and is surprisingly easy to make.  Just be sure to use fresh squeezed orange juice and quality cherry brandy, such as Heering Cherry Liquer -- it makes a difference.


2 fl. oz blended Scotch whisky

2 tablespoons fresh orange juice

1 tablespoon cherry brandy [Heering]

1 tablespoon sweet vermouth

Pour ingredients into a shaker two-thirds full of ice cubes.  Shake well.  Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Top photo via 213 Nightlife.

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