Chef Secrets for Home Cooks: a new Style Maniac YouTube series

How to cook artisanal pizza at home.  French cooking techniques concentrated into a one pot meal.  An ordinary baloney & cheese sandwich elevated into an extraordinary treat.  The tips, tricks and techniques of professional chefs translated just for you, so your cooking tastes that much better.  For nearly a year I have stood by fiery ovens and sizzling burners to suss out secrets from some very different chefs.  The result is a new video series, Chef Secrets for Home Cooks, which premieres this week on the Style Maniac YouTube Channel.  

If you've ever wondered what makes a restaurant dish taste so luscious, or why your meat never turns out with such a crackly crust; if you're someone (like me) who cooks because she has to not because she loves to; if you want recipes with minimal fuss and stellar results, then this is the series for you. The videos and accompanying blog posts will take the skills and knowledge pro chefs acquired from thousands of hours of training and translate them into simple things you can do in your own home kitchen to make the next meal you cook the yummiest ever.

NEXT POST: The premiere of Chef Secrets for Home Cooks featuring Chef Joey Campanaro, with embedded video and more details. Can't wait? Here's the link to Episode 1 on YouTube.

ABOVE: Scenes from upcoming episodes of Chef Secrets for Home Cooks.  TOP ROW: Joey Campanaro of The Little Owl in New York City; Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette in Philadelphia.  MIDDLE ROW: Doreen Creede aka Style Maniac; Michael and Jason Brunetti of Pizzetteria Brunetti in Westhampton Beach NY.   Photos and graphic design by Doreen Creede.

"Use the good china for breakfast."