Chef Joey Campanaro Cooks His Version of Baloney & Cheese (Chef Secrets for Home Cooks: Episode 1)

Fried baloney with Gulden's mustard on Wonderbread: as a kid, a sandwich didn't get much better than that.  As an adult, too,  I couldn't imagine how it could be improved upon.  Until one evening at Village Belle, a favorite Italian restaurant just yards away from our home, a sizzle and smell behind the bar caught my attention.  There, in a small pan on a tiny portable stove Chef Joey Campanaro was cooking up his version of a Baloney & Cheese sandwich, using Mortadella & Tomme de Savoie plus a few simple yet deliciously effective chef tricks.  The sandwich still had only four ingredients -- meat, cheese, bread, mustard -- and took only 3 minutes to make, but tasted out of this world.  Crusty, caramelized, oozy and utterly delicious.  The next time Joey came to town, I came with my camera and Episode 1 of the new video series Chef Secrets for Home Cooks came to be.  I hope you enjoy it, and learn as much as I did.

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Joey Campanaro owns Village Belle with his brother, Chef Lou Campanaro. Joey can also be found at his New York restaurants Market Table and The Little Owl, where London's Observer declared his burger the world's best. He and his restaurants have been featured in Bon Appetit, The New York Times and on theCBS Saturday Early Show.


 Filmed on location at Village Belle Restaurant

757 South Front Street

Philadelphia PA 19147

Phone: 215-551-2200


"M&T" by Joey C is the first episode of Chef Secrets for Home Cooks, a new series from Style Maniac that brings the tips, tricks and techniques of top chefs into your kitchen.  Watch the videos on the new Style Maniac YouTube channel, plus find out more on accompanying posts on this blog.

Special thanks to Chef/Owner Lou Campanaro and Managing Partner/wine guru Michael Romeo.  Photos and video by Doreen and Kevin Creede.

"Use the good china for breakfast."