Just The Trimmings

This Christmas, for the first time ever in our house we did not put up a live indoor tree.  In past years I've had as many as three, each decorated to match the room.  Instead, this year, due to a busy travel schedule, I decided to place my glitter green Grinch, furry white and sparkly ruby tabletop trees around the house; fill a silver wine cooler on the dining room table with little gleaming red disco balls; hang just a few favorite ornaments by the phone in the kitchen; and create a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree outside from a dead fuchsia tree spraypainted white and festooned with shiny balls by my niece (before and after Instagram pics here).  Just after my evening of decorating, I discovered I wasn't the only one with this idea.  Over at The Decorista Ashlina did the same--see her DIY post for more ideas on how to use trimmings to brighten up your home for the holidays, whether or not you have a tree.

Photo via Kimmi on Pinterest.

"Use the good china for breakfast."