Just after I introduced the Blogs To Books project I read an article about a non-profit organization called Books For Soldiers, which brings sharing the joy of reading and offering an escape from everyday life, to a whole other level.  No matter what your views on the mission itself, Books For Soldiers ask you to help support our troops with "Care Packages for the Mind."  Books (preferably paperbacks), comic books, magazines, DVDs and game donations are all welcome.  To participate you must join the site, which then gives you access to specific requests from soldiers, along with their military addresses.  There's also a Pen Pal component, if you wish to continue the connection.  Seems like a small but wonderful way to thank our troops for their service. 

IN HONOR OF VETERANS DAY: Books for Soldiers.  Website / Facebook / Twitter.

With appreciation and thanks for all who served, especially my father-in-law.  Love you, Pop!

American flag bookshelf via Natalie Novick /Pinterest.  Source: Apartment Therapy.

"Use the good china for breakfast."