Oh the gooey gloriousness!  When I first spied this Grilled Mac 'n' Cheese on

Blog Brunch's Pinterest

I nearly swooned.  The source for the photo,

Mr. Pineda on Tumlbr

, gave no recipe so I concocted my own:  Aunt Annie's macaroni and cheese (made with white wine instead of milk) layered between whole wheat bread and sharp cheddar, then seared in my favorite kitchen tool, my

Aunt Alice's

cast iron skillet.  While cooking, little bits of cheesy shells fell out and carmelized in the pan. When done the sandwich itself oozed and crunched in the most delightful way. My favorite J. Lohr Chardonnay and a simple green salad completed the meal.  I could have eaten these all night.

Grilled Mac'n'Cheese created by

Aaron Pineda

"Use the good china for breakfast."