Food Info To Go from The Splendid Table

Food Info To Go from The Splendid Table

It might seem strange to listen to a show about cooking. 

But when Lynn Rosetto Kasper and her guests on The Splendid Table start talking they engage your senses so completely soon you're not just hearing, you're seeing, tasting, smelling too.  Warm, inviting, informative, knowledgeable, never preachy, always curious, Kasper's the expert you wish you had live in your kitchen all the time to cook with, and learn from.  Thanks to the magic of technology you can at least have her broadcast in your kitchen -- and out of it too.  My favorite way to listen to the weekly show is via podcasts on my iPhone while on the move.  Especially when cleaning the house or on the treadmill at the gym.  It distracts me from the monotony of those dreaded tasks -- and gives me lots of ideas of what to eat, cook and drink for dinner.

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Speaking of radio and podcasts: tune in to my guest appearance this week on Blog Talk Radio's Blogging with Micheal. Host Micheal Savoie chatted with my Blogstress Network co-founder Barbara Hammond and I about topics ranging from Bette Midler to mini Moo cards, with lots of info on sharing and building a blog community in between.

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"Use the good china for breakfast."