After switching out my closet and assessing what I have, Step 2 of my fall fashion ritual is researching the trrends.  I scour the internet--websites, blogs, brand sites, style news.  I devour the mags--Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, local publications, style columns, any other style-related reading materials that cross my path.  Thanks to Style Maniac I now also attend runway shows* and visit designer showrooms. I tear out pages, snap photos, add pins to my boards.  I sift through the trends, discarding most.  Lace and polka dots? No thank you. Ladies who lunch? Lovely, but not my lifestyle.  I check my lists from last season--what pieces were missing? In the end I find a look or two that serve as inspiration--complementary to my own personal style but adding something fresh and new--the mix that to me makes fashion fun ....

(to be continued).

p.s. Runway shows are not just for industry insiders.  Many welcome all style lovers for just the price of admission, and students usually pay less.  In Philadelphia this week's events include the 18th Annual Phashion Phest, and Philadelphia Fashion Week's Ready to Wear and Couture shows.  For more info check out The Philadelphia Collection events page.

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"Use the good china for breakfast."