Project Off Runway

For me some of the most fascinating things about a fashion show happen before the models walk.  Pots of powders; a haze of hairspray; lace, furs and sequins all in a row.  The calm and the chaos. The designers and the design legends.  Here, a peek at some of the moments and meetings backstage and off the runway that made covering this year's fashion shows so much fun.  (

All photos by Doreen Creede / Style Maniac except #11 as noted.)

Front row: PIFA Fashion Show / Spring 2011

The couture standard: Ralph Rucci's impeccable dresses on display / PIFA

Meeting the man behind the magic: Ralph Rucci / PIFA Visionary Award

Tools of a fashion blogger

Furs, lace and sequins / Phashion Phest / Fall 2011

Haze of hairspray / Philly Fashion Week Ready-To-Wear Show / Fall 2011

Pots and powders pre-show at Follicle / Opa Glendi / Summer 2011

One model's look list / Phashion Phest

Pretty frocks all in a row / PIFA

Ready to walk / Philly Fashion Week Ready-To-Wear Show

Denise Fike (center) introduces me (left) to Emil DeJohn 

before his Philly Fashion Week Award / Black Tie Runway Event /  Fall 2011

Photo courtesy Lane Fike

Capturing the fashion frenzy / Press pit / Philly Fashion Week


Opa Glendi

Phashion Phest


Philly Fashion Week



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Denise Fike


Francesca Rivetti/ Follicle


The Philadelphia Collection

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