Switching Out My Closet

World's most famous closet: Carrie Bradshaw's in Sex & The City via

Apartment Therapy

Comes a day every September when a cool wind sweeps into town and blows away my clinging grasp on summer.  I shake sand from my bags, stack up my flipflops, and switch out my closet.  Out go gold and silver metallic sandals,

a filmy butterfly print jumpsuit of inky dark mixed with vivid bright

, and little black cotton sundresses.  In come knee-high chocolate suede boots, a duster coat of burnt orange and siena tweed glittered with topaz, and little black wool tunic dresses. I do this because, unlike Carrie Bradshaw, I have possibly the smallest closet ever created (the guest room where I stash the off-season clothes has a closet three times the size of the one in my master bedroom).  But truth be told I like the change of scenery, and the ritual makes me take inventory, reassess, decide what needs to go away, what needs repair, what I still love, what I can't stand, what I need to add.  And then I'm ready for step two ....

(to be continued).

"Use the good china for breakfast."