The Faces Behind The Fashion



When I first spied this photo on

Oscar PRGirl

, I immediately thought of my Grandma Lydia. A seamstress all her life, she never worked for a fashion house, but she paid the same kind of laser-focused attention and sewed with as much skill as these women of Oscar de la Renta's atelier, producing couture level garments for Long Island ladies and

her granddaughters' teddy bears.

  Perfectly matched seams, luscious linings that no one but the wearer would experience, a pattern cut expertly to take advantage of every inch of satin, tweed or wool.  Perhaps because I witnessed that intensity--and its results--I often think of the faces behind the fashion:  the designers, seamstresses, store owners, models, fashion writers who dream up, design, produce, sell and promote with a passion that makes the difference between clothes you wear because you have to and clothes you wear because they make you feel fabulous.

Over the next few weeks I'll be covering an array of fashion events and bringing you glimpses of the women [and men] behind the scenes and behind the seams.  Many of these events are gathered under the chic umbrella of

The Philadelphia Collection 2011

and are open to all style lovers.  For a complete listing of runway shows, trunk shows, panel discussions and cocktail parties, visit


The Philadelphia Collection Facebook Page.

"Use the good china for breakfast."