THE FACE OF 5F: Sarah Hawkins

Sarah Hawkins: actress, writer, model, student and one of Bergdorf Goodman's "Faces of 5F "

Why do credits for a fashion spread include the names of the clothes, shoes, jewelry, photographer, stylist --even the perfume!--but not the model? Doesn't seem right to me.  Apparently Bergdorf Goodman agrees.  For their fall ad campaign Bergdorf put the focus on the faces wearing the fashions by holding a nationwide contest to find women of different styles and professions to represent the different "Faces of 5F." (5F is Bergdorf's contemporary designer collection, located on the fifth floor of the Manhattan flagship store.)  Since I happen to know one of the faces chosen, I thought it would be fun for you to meet her. 

Sarah Hawkins is one busy girl, a college student who also writes, acts and models.

Here she shares the story of how she was selected, what happened behind the lens and what's coming next.

STYLE MANIAC:  Sarah, how did you come to be one of Bergdorf Goodman's "Faces of 5F"?

SARAH HAWKINS: A friend sent me a link to the contest. On a whim I entered. Over 1200 people sent in photos so I didn't really think much about actually winning, but a few weeks went by and I found out that I had made it to the top 25 semifinalists. A few days later I went to New York City, interviewed with the Creative Director of Bergdorf and the Editor-in-Chief of Lucky magazine. 

Two days after that I found out I had won.

Eight of us then had a photo shoot at Industria Studios in Grenwich Village. The photos are in the October 2011 issue of Lucky

Tell us about some highlights.

The entire experience felt ridiculously glamorous. I've been to shoots before where hair and makeup were done, but never wardrobe and manicurists. Every little detail was managed and consistently being touched up. It was awesome.

What surprised you most about the Bergdorf Goodman experience?

Being yelled at by the makeup artist about how awful my skin was. She could tell I'm a coffee addict / night owl / need to drink more water just by looking at my face. It was definitely a call to go to bed earlier and drink copious amounts of water every day. (There's no way I'm giving up coffee!)

Behind the lens: Sarah at the photo shoot.

Have any new opportunities arisen from the exposure the campaign gave you?

Yes.  The day of the shoot a movie crew interviewed us. A few days later they asked to film me reading a blog post that I wrote about my experience. The documentary, Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf Goodman, will be out October 2012. 

What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of modeling?

My favorite part of modeling is definitely feeling a chemistry with a photographer. New ideas and good communication just seem to take off when you are working with the right person. My least favorite is when you work with someone who doesn't communicate their objectives or even a basic concept or emotion.  I feel like it really shows in the quality of the work. 

What's your dream job?

To make it into the film industry as an actress or work for the Style Network as a TV personality.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I’m a young woman who likes to pay homage to vintage details, clean lines and, right now, the French New Wave. I've been really inspired by Jean Seberg since I cut my hair short.

What style secret can you share with us?

Listen to music when you are getting dressed. It's amazing what a good song or artist will make you feel and influence what you decide to put on in that moment.

Style vs. Fashion:  what’s your take?

Style should be instinctive to oneself, but fashion seems to be just staying on top of the latest and greatest way to dress. I think the best way to find a sense of coherence between the two is to stay up on trends and see if and where certain fashions can sneak into your personal style. The transition should be seamless. 

To find out Sarah’s Style Recipe in a tweet visit @thestylemaniac on Twitter.   For more on her projects visit Sarah Hawkins' Facebook Page.

"Use the good china for breakfast."