The Search for the Perfect Beach Retreat

Oh I've got decorating and fashion ideas galore for my ocean oasis  The question is, where exactly do I plant my beach umbrella? Will she sell seashells in the Seychelles? Build a boho beach shack in Baja? Go modern and minimalist in Maui?  Where in the world will that perfect beach--and town--emerge from the mist, satisfying all my requirements?

Such as: charming shops, good restaurants, a dab of art, a dollop of culture, a good library and bookstore, a well-stocked grocery and well-edited wine shop, no chain restaurants or stores, no high rises.  The beach would be clean and bright, the ocean clear and warm.  And the housing would be affordable.

Yeah, that last part is where my practical list of destinations pretty much disappears.  But maybe you know of a place?  If so, please share it with us, in the Comments section.  Looking forward to your suggestions!

Photo courtesy Elle Moss

"Use the good china for breakfast."