The Sandcastle Project

"Build me a castle,

a magic sandcastle,

in the sand, 

on the shore, 

by the sea."

As a little girl I would often lull myself to sleep by decorating homes in my head.  Now that I own a decorating business, when I'm not plotting work for a client, my own fantasy projects have become much more specific: decorating an escape by the sea.  And thanks to the magic of Blogger and Pinterest, I can now create whole worlds of wonderful destinations in which to live, laugh, learn, listen, read, decorate, dress, eat and entertain--and share them with you. I've got the ideas, plenty of them, ranging from sweet cottages to boho beach shacks, to sleek modern retreats. And I've got a a definite idea of the kind of town I'd like to live in, although I wonder if it actually exists?  Well, perhaps you can help me with that part.  Off we go, ideas and images flying through the salty air,

The Sandcastle Project has begun.

Above image from an archive copy of Coastal Living Magazine. Banner image via Jazelle Lange.

As for the quote, I'm honestly not sure if I heard this somewhere, or made it up myself, but it popped into my head one day intact.

"Use the good china for breakfast."