By The Boardwalk

That summer, when it rained,
we'd mix batches of Clamato cocktails dubbed Beach Bloodies,
serve them with
Sunshine In The Window
and the soft sounds of

Courtesy Vanessa Uttaro

Courtesy Vanessa Uttaro

At noon we'd hum Jagger

while we pieced jigsaw puzzles,

play cards for penny stakes,

pull down that tattered book from the high shelf; the one we'd

been meaning to read 

since forever.

Later we'd stroll the stormy shore

breathing water as we walked.

Shake the salt from our hair

and the surf from our skirt

when we got to that old bar

by the boardwalk

Photo by Doreen Creede

Photo by Doreen Creede

Where Springsteen

sang of Sandy

as the aurora 

danced behind us.


Somehow despite so many 

sun-soaked summer days,

it was those rainy ones 

we remembered best.


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"Use the good china for breakfast."