EAT: Zucchini Flowers

In my city container garden zucchini grows for one reason: the flowers.  I pluck them, glowing orange-yellow and full; dip briefly in beaten egg, dust with breadcrumbs mixed with Italian seasoning; and sizzle in a film of olive oil in my cast iron skillet.  The recipe's my

grandma Lydia's


the skillet's my Aunt


really step great-grandmother


Alice's and the result so delectable I did not imagine it could be improved upon.  Until Janice H.,

a Facebook fan

suggested first stuffing the flowers with goat cheese, and my Aunt (really cousin) Elizabeth gave me a tip on improvising a pastry bag (cut the corner off a plastic baggie) to squeeze the softened goat cheese through.  Now one bite gives you the crispness of golden crust, then tender petals yielding to oozing creamy luscious cheese. Oh. My. God.

Photo by Doreen Creede via Instagram


"Use the good china for breakfast."