Sea-tousled hair + sun-kissed cheeks + one great flowy dress = a timeless recipe for soft and easy summer glamour.  How to get it ?  My preferred method:  a day at the beach, armed with sunscreen and umbrella so I leave with a glow not a burn.  Back in the city, I've tried all kinds of products, with mixed results.  Self-tanners frighten me--the smell, the drying time, the idea that I'll emerge looking like a streaky carrot. The gradual tanners I've tried in the past--Jergen's, the Target knockoff of Jergen's--didn't do a thing.  But this year the staff at my local Blue Mercury recommended St. Tropez Gradual Tan.  Their Everyday Body Moisturizer has no nasty smell, no icky orangey tones, produces a touch of of golden color and is fairly forgiving in application --although a few telltale streaks did show up on my legs the other day.  Their truly magic recommendation: Frederic Fekkai's Essential Shea Tame and Style, a dollop of which has indeed tamed my thick, coarse hair it into soft summery waves, no styling required.  As for the dress, this year, I'm still searching ....

How about you?  What's your recipe for easy summer glamour? I hope you'll share your secrets in the Comments section below.  Then head over to the Style Maniac Facebook Page where all month we'll be discussing bronzers, bikini waxes, skin care, summer hair, sundresses and much more.

Jean Shrimpton in Oscar de la Renta, 1970s, via SixtiesLoveForever

"Use the good china for breakfast."