Thank you all for sharing your bad blemish woes on our recent Budhi Giveaway.  Charlene and Monique, Budhi's co-founders, have chosen their favorite response.  And the winner of the Healthier Skin Starter Kit is:

LeAnne LeAnne writes the blog Tinsel & Tine,  Here is the story she shared:


"My zit, not catastrophe, but situation happened recently on a date.  He was kissing me and moved his lips to my cheek and then abruptly switched cheeks and said,  'I'll kiss the side without the pimple.' Which I think was totally unnecessary to announce, it wasn't that big a zit, but needless to say it ruined the mood for me."

LeAnne's tale shows that skincare issues can always pop up, no matter what your age.  And that some guys are truly clueless.  Maybe we should send him this link from Budhi's website: Don't Look at It, Look at Me! 

Hope you enjoy your goodies, LeAnne. (I'll be in touch to get your mailing address).

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