I've heard people comment, "Baseball's boring." To which I reply, "You haven't seen the Phillies play." Four aces, true teamwork, Charlie, the Phanatic (best mascot in any sport, period), movie star looks, lightning fast double plays, leaving more guys stranded on base than possibly any other team and still outscoring the opponent, catcher playing third while second basemen pitches to victory in a 19-inning game.  Tie score, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth -- you just never know what they'll do. But lately, mostly, they win, and they do it with style.

Four Aces image adapted by Doreen Creede from a New York Times photo by Levon Biss. Philadelphia Phillies pitchers, from left: Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels.

PHILLIES PARADE 10-31-08 doreen creede photo by kevin creede.jpg

And, oh yeah, we won a World Series, too. Photo of me snapped by my husband Kevin at the Broad Street parade for the 2008 World Series Champions.

"Use the good china for breakfast."