Over the last five days Blogger, the platform that hosts this blog, experienced system-wide outages and data corruption that made it sometimes impossible to post or comment--and made some posts and comments disappear. Supposedly the issue has been resolved and data restored (although many comments are missing form recent posts on Style Maniac).  The incident reminded me that much as we all love this online medium, sometimes there's nothing better than holding a tangible thing in your hands.  Like a book.  Books have long been and probably always will be one of my top choices for a gift.  Coffee table books, cookbooks, mysteries, manuals, romance, fiction, faction, biography, travel, humor, art--whether you're buying a gift for a birthday or a backyard barbecue you can choose a book that will transport, educate, entertain, delight; not just once but over and over again ... no batteries (or blogging platforms) required.

Need specific book gift ideas?  Check out the Fabulous Finds previously featured on Style Maniac in my Amazon Boutique.  You'll also find Reader's Choice selections for cozy fall reads, pretty coffee table titles and summer books for lazy days by the lake, pool or beach.

"Use the good china for breakfast."