When it comes to parties, for me the planning's a breeze.  What to wear when I'm the hostesss, though, that's the dilemma. My outfits of choice for attending a party--dolman sleeve tunic + high-heeled boots in the winter; mini or maxi dress + flats in the summer--don't work well at home when you're cooking, fetching drinks, walking up and down stairs, and still wanting to look chic, calm, cool and collected.  This season I thought the pajama-trend-as-evening-wear held promise--think glamorous satiny palazzos or bold retro print wide leg pants with a simple black top.  Yet, I could not find an example online or in stores worthy of showing here.

So, dear readers, tell me:  what do you wear when hosting your own soiree, and where oh where can we find it? (And if you have great photos of your favorite outfit or a store source, please also post on the Style Maniac Facebook Page.)

Vogue photo via Found In Mom's Basement

"Use the good china for breakfast."