First HD TVs, now HD camcorders and cameras.  So now when you're posing at a party, the camera is going to see absolutely everything. To the rescue: HD makeup of course. Recently at a private Sephora event I tried Make Up For Ever's version.  I'm not sure what impressed me more:  the product itself or that the Sephora expert matched the perfect shade to my skin in a nanosecond.  Yes, there are drawbacks: the makeup is expensive, you have to use a Primer to get the full effect, you have to apply it in a specific way (only downward strokes). But there's something to be said for having a pro match your skin tone with the actual product rather than DIY-ing it yourself with those useless drugstore color charts.  And then of course there's the promise of perfection.

So how did it work in real life?  I took home a sample to see.  On a day when I was feeling lousy and tired, comments ranged from "What makeup?' to "Oh, I thought you just looked refreshed from your vacation."  Since I hadn't been on vacation I guess that's a good thing. As for how it looks on camera:  I'll let you know after my upcoming headshot photo session.  (Upcoming as in ... been meaning to do it for months and still haven't.  But I will ....)

Image from Make Up For Ever's HD Not Retouched ad campaign

"Use the good china for breakfast."