This month on The Blogstress Network we're featuring the Philadelphia Blogstress chapter. * Last week our newest members Denise, Denine and LeAnne were featured; this week it's the founding blogstresses:  Lee, Barbara and yours truly.  Come visit us and find out a bit about why we started our blogs and how the network has helped us in the post "Continuing Conversation."

*By the way, we have a loose definition of chapter: basically meeting once a month for cocktails or coffee to offer each other support, advice and encouragement about our blogging endeavors.  If you are interested in organizing a chapter in your part of the world please email me or

Why the lips?  It's part of our logo and Blogstress Network motto:  Leave Your Mark on the World. (Studio 65 Boca sofa miniature via Vitra)

"Use the good china for breakfast."