March, advises Frederic Fekkai in his book A Year of Style,  is the time to "clarify your look and re-create yourself."  Clarify and re-create, indeed.  While I'd love to have the sunny glow and carefree swagger of this model from his book, right now I'm feeling more like the old crone from the Wizard of Oz, with sallow winter skin verging on green, hair frazzled from indoor heat and feet not fit for public appearance.  Yes, I need a makeover from head to toe to get me into Spring shape.  Alas, there's no fairy godmother waving her magic wand over me, so I'm going to have to do it myself.  An at-home facial is definitely in order, so I'll slather on Guinot's Masque Essentiel Nutri-Confort, my long-time quick fix for some "instant radiance" (and no, Guinot's not paying me to promote this).  Next I may try some of Mr. Fekkai's other advice, and replace my morning coffee with hot lemon water for a week.  Not exactly sure what that does, but saturating myself in Vitamin C certainly couldn't hurt.  Other than that, I'm in need of suggestions.

Dear readers, please tell me:  How do you shake off winter and revive yourself for Spring?

"Use the good china for breakfast."