A CITRUS STORY guest post by Mary Swenson

Don't you just love when your travels on the internet take you to something fresh and wonderful?  That's how I felt when I came upon Mary Swenson's blog.  Her mix of good writing paired with gorgeous photos is just my kind of thing. To share her talent and taste with all of you, I asked Mary to produce a guest post for Style Maniac.  My requests were something with flowers that would look good with the citrus tones in this month's theme.  I just love the bright and pretty "Citrus Story" she came up with--and I'm definitely stealing some of her easy tips.

Mary Swenson is a freelance photographer and writer who lives with her husband in a historic Massachusetts seaport. She's a self-taught shutterbug and her favorite subjects are flowers, food, and still-life vignettes. She writes, styles, and shoots projects for various online publications and for her blog. 
For more information, visit Mary's website mary-swenson.com.

"Use the good china for breakfast."