THE RED LIST: From Cute to Clever to Couture

From couture to clever to cute, here are a few more delights on my hot list this month:  

The Spring 2011 collection from Christian Dior.  Inspired by the drawings of Rene Gruau, stunning, sublime and yet wearable, too.  The New Look in a whole New Way.  (See the runway show, here.) .... Someone at Swanson Vineyards has a delightful sense of humor, adding clever names and bold, witty packaging to tasty wines.  The series includes choices for various holidays, but the "Expensive" Christmas Wine remains my fave .... When my 10-year-old niece, who devours books like candy, spied Henley: A New York Tail by Julie Muszynski amongst a stack of review titles in my office she immediately snatched it up.  We both agreed:  thumbs up for the cute tale of a prince of a pup living the good life in New York City.  With charming illustrations and interactive elements.  Yes, you could call it Puppy Love.

Christian Dior collection first spied on Nicolette Mason.  "Expensive" wine bottle image by John McJunkin courtesy Swanson VineyardsHenley: A New York Tail available through Glitterati Incorporated and Amazon.

"Use the good china for breakfast."