LEAVE YOUR MARK: Introducing The Blogstress Network

Last February something happened that changed my entire online blogging experience:  I met another blogger "in real life."  Turns out Lee Romano Sequeira, author of Madness Mom & Me,  lived just a few blocks away from me but we'd never even passed on the street until that night at a mutual friend's party (city living can be crazy that way).  I told Lee I'd been wanting to start a group for women bloggers, similar to one I'd organized with entrepreneur friends when I started my decorating business.  Lee invited another neighbor, Barbara Hammond of Zero to 60 and Beyond, to join us.  We met for cocktails and instantly "The Blogstresses" formed a friendship and invaluable source of support.  What a relief to talk face to face with someone who understood SEO, subscriptions, stats, the importance of blog comments, the hopes and dreams you have for this medium that allows you, out of thin air, to channel your experiences, creativity and viewpoint.  Plus share a lot of laughter.

Last month, over coffee one cold morning at Barbara's house, we decided to extend that source of support and inspiration to women bloggers everywhere.  And so was born The Blogstress Network.  Through our website, Facebook Page and Twitter we offer a way for women around the world to connect and support each other in our blogging efforts.  And through local Blogstress Coffee & Cocktail meet-ups we turn those online relationships into real life, face-to-face conversation, idea exchange and fun.

I hope you'll join us and "leave your mark on the world."

Find out more at TheBlogstressNetwork.com
 @blogstress on Twitter and  
The Blogstress Network Facebook Page.

Since choosing the Lipstick Mark as our TBN logo, we've seen it pop up everywhere.  Above, Juicy Couture "Sugar Kiss" laptop sleeve.

"Use the good china for breakfast."