My Mini Moo business cards generate so many comments and questions, I decided to add an ordering option on this blog.  So now when you click on this MOO link Style Maniac receives a small commission on your order. (UPDATE 2012: And you receive 10% off!)  Note:  all production, processing, payments and customer service are handled by Moo Inc.

Why am I so crazy about Moo?  The paper has a nice weight, the printing's high quality and the cute little size--about the dimension of a stick of gum--generates all kinds of interest. People have actually tracked me down at an event to grab one for themselves. Best of all you can have 100 different images on 100 cards.  Either select from their wonderful library or upload your own.  A great way for artists, photographers, crafters, entrepreneurs to showcase their work.  Also great as a simple "calling card" or to highlight your blog using photos from blog posts, as I did. (Check out my Mini Moo Makeover here).

"Use the good china for breakfast."