What a wonderful way to start the new year: a Stylish Blogger Award bestowed on Style Maniac by the charming mother/daughter team of Beth and Kristy at Design Chic and also by the sweet Danielle of Fresh Quince!  Thank you, ladies, this is truly a chic treat.

Along with the award comes the request to pay the compliment forward as follows: 

{1} Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. 

{2} Reveal seven things about yourself. 

{3} Bestow the award on ten great bloggers you have recently discovered. 

{4} Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

And so ...

7 THINGS you may not know about me:

As a little girl I kissed anything purple ... Sappy commercials, cheesy TV moments, sad movies, poignant novels: I cry at all of 'em ... When absorbed in a book, blog or design project I can go hours without food, drink or sleep and not even notice ... Often when I smile I have lipstick on my teeth ... A career test once advised "General in the Army" as my ideal profession ... I'd rather eat French Fries than cake ... I'm continually surprised and delighted to find my obsession for words, images and all things lovely shared with so many fabulous womenaround the globe.

10 STYLISH BLOGGERS all highlighted on Style Maniac for the first time and each with her own unique sense of style.  Listed in no order other than how the photos looked pretty one after the other.

You all probably know of The Decorista. But I'm giving this award to Ashlina's Decorista Daydreams on Tumblr. Chock full of glamour.

Preppy + Hippy = The Prippy Handbook.  TG's always smart, always fun.

Oscar PR Girl.    Can you say dream job?

 The pretty posts by Beth & Kristy from Design Chic would have put them on my list if they hadn't sent me the award, so I just had to include them.  {don't expect you ladies to repeat the post, though!}

Danielle at Fresh Quince.  As above already on my list, for her knack at  uncovering stylish treasures at rock-bottom prices.

Maria at Design Elements imbues modern design and dramatic travel shots with warmth and soul.

On Pinterest, my newest way to spend a snowy Sunday, Eve Wang curates the most fabulous photos.

Eleni of My Paradissi always features something fresh and lovely under that gorgeous logo.  Plus she lives and works on the isle of Crete. Le sigh.

Elizabeth is an event planner whose own wedding is one of the prettiest I've seen.  The definition of Boho Chic ... just like her blog, Peacock Feathers.

Jessica at My Vintage Vogue has gathered an incredible collection of vintage fashion images.  That's where I found the 1960s Mark Shaw/Vogue photo at the top of this post.

Hope you enjoy visiting all these Stylish Bloggers and exploring their lovely sites.

"Use the good china for breakfast."