STYLE MANIAC's mall-free, hassle-free, pour a glass of bubbly & enjoy the season GIFT GUIDE

It's something of a joke in my family that I open gifts the second I receive them.  But truth be told I enjoy giving gifts more than getting them.  Figuring out the perfect present, wrapping it up pretty and, particularly in the case of my six nieces, reveling in the squeals of delight as they are opened.  Good stuff.

What I don't enjoy: fighting crowds, mall fatigue, and January holiday hangovers because you spent too much.  None of which is necessary.  As with style in fashion and decor, a great gift is so much more about thought and originality than money and status quo.  So, kick off your glitter heels, girls and pour a glass of bubbly.  Sink into your sofa, place your laptop nearby and settle in for a mall-free, hassle-free, enjoy the true spirit of the season holiday gift guide ... all week on Style Maniac.

I like to choose a color scheme for my holiday gifts--one that complements either my decor or the recipient's.  Wouldn't this peacock plume package look wonderful with the Peacock Blue & Burnished Gold holiday color recipe you all loved? By Nicholas Kniel, author of  Ribbon: The Art of Adornment , as seen in Traditional Home Magazine.

"Use the good china for breakfast."