A jar of kisses, a charming little tree, something homemade wrapped up beautifully.
No trips to the mall. No hassles at all. Not a lot of cash ...
Just simple sweet presents given with love and panache.

Oh my, she's rhyming! Yes, the Christmas tunes have gone to my head ... or maybe it's my head cold, just in time for the holidays? In any case, here's some final tips from Style Maniac's mall-free, hassle-free, pour a glass of bubbly and enjoy the spirit of the season Gift Guide.

Hope you've found it helpful. If you have a suggestion for a chic and charming gift that doesn't cost a mint, please share with us in the comments, below. And may we all enjoy a merry, happy and healthy week before Christmas!

  1. Festooning the simplest of gifts with lovely embellishments makes them even more special. TIP: when it comes to wrapping, wired ribbon is your friend.  It stays in place and makes bow-tying a cinch.  For my own presentation inspiration, I've just orderedRibbons: The Art of Adornment.
  2. Stylist Summer Watkins created the Jar of Kisses as a gift for her boyfriend, but it could just as easily be filled with pledges to babysit for a friend or promises to do chores for your sister.  Best of all, it requires no special skills to assemble--just your own sweet sentiments, a pretty jar and lovely buttons.  For more of Summer's magic, visit her blog Grey Likes Weddings{Photograph by Caroline Tran.  Originally seen on 100 Layer Cake}
  3. That charming little tree, discovered on Design Elements (one of my daily blog reads), truly captures the spirit of the season:  sometimes the tiniest touch of Christmas Cheer is all you need. Perfect for a small apartment, or perhaps to give a friend who's not up for holiday decorating. NOTE: Many grocery stores offer mini trees for sale.  For ornaments, you could seek out unique pieces from craft shows or home decor shops, or adorn with vintage brooch ornaments you create yourself.

"Use the good china for breakfast."