VISIT Style Maniac at GLOSSING OVER IT today

Style Maniac has gone over to

Susan Gloss'

place today. Come over to read my guest post

"Feels Like Home"

and then stay for a bit to explore Susan's fabulous blog,

Glossing Over It

.  She writes about fashion, fiction, food and wine--yes, all the things a style maniac loves! Plus she's smart, fun and a fan of Trina Turk,

vintage clothes

and serious research in the form of candy/liquor pairings. If you don't know Susan already you're about to discover a great writer, a must-read blog and a stylish online friend.  Thank you, Susan, for the invite ... it's quite a delight.

Trina Turk's front hall image via

Elle Decor

"Use the good china for breakfast."