My decorating partnership, The Redecorators LLC, began business with the premise that we would use what you have to give you a new look--often in one day. Immediately (as in, with our first client) that segued into full interior decorating services.  We've since ripped out kitchens, walls and floors; designed custom furniture and drapery; and turned completely empty spaces into beautiful and comfortable rooms to live in.  Still, Gina and I always look at how we can use existing furniture, art and accessories in new ways.  For example: turn a bedroom armoire into a living room bar, as we did for a charity event at the Grange Showroom in Philadelphia's Marketplace Design Center. (For more details, plus Before & Afters of that project visit Dust & Chandeliers.)  It's true: we're always looking for a place to corral cocktails! For more unconventional bar ideas, check out Everyday Style Tip: Set Up Bar from the style files.

Photo by Doreen Creede.  Yes that's me reflected in the mirror--and wearing the vintage silver and blue Victor Costa dress mentioned in last month's post, 5 Fabulous Sources for Vintage Fashion.  Funny how I didn't notice that until I enlarged the pic for this post!

"Use the good china for breakfast."