When Domino Magazine unexpectedly closed, Conde Nast mystified design-crazy subscribers even more by fulfilling the remainder of our subscriptions with Glamour magazine. Huh?  Though an avid Glamour reader in my teens and twenties, I've long since passed the point of needing boyfriend advice.  Still, I'll give any magazine a try, and I do find at least a few features a month that make it worth reading.  The best of those finds: Operation Beautiful.  No, not beautiful homes, but beautiful you.

Founded by Caitlin Boyle to end negative self-talk, Operation Beautiful has grown from one "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" message on a public restroom mirror to a website, book and nationwide movement of utter simplicity: a pen, a post-it and a random act of encouragement.  To find out more visit OperationBeautiful.com  Then, go ahead, tell a stranger she's gorgeous.

Brooke McCallion's New York City message via Glamour Magazine, September 2010

"Use the good china for breakfast."