BEFORE & AFTER: Eco-Chic Living Room

AFTER Living Room (right corner)

BEFORE Living Room (right corner)

BEFORE Living Room (left corner)


AFTER Living Room (left corner)

Here's how some of those scary-tuned-chic vintage pieces from "Before & After: Vintage Furniture Rescued & Revived" (posted 11/15/10) came together in my clients' living room.  We've submitted this project to some shelter mags and sites, so I can't reveal the entire space.  But these images should give you a taste of how sustainable can be simultaneously good for the environment, comfortable to live in, and pretty to look at.

Design by Doreen Creede and Gina Pierantozzi for The Redecorators LLC.

Photos by Doreen Creede.

"Use the good china for breakfast."