WHAT TO EAT RIGHT NOW: Vanessa's Fried Cheese

WHAT TO EAT RIGHT NOW: Vanessa's Fried Cheese

Heavenly, gooey, crusty yumminess. I nearly drooled all over the computer screen when I came across this perfect fall treat from Vanessa Uttaro. Vanessa follows Style Maniac via


(the platform that hosts the website) and I'm so happy she does 'cause that led me to her

amazing images

of food, travel, vintage housewares and more. But mostly the food. Her recipe for this Fried Cheese couldn't be easier:

Olive oil

Queso fresco

Slice the cheese into squares or rectangles. Fry in olive oil, turning frequently once they begin to brown. Serve still-hot on crackers.

 Or, my version:  forget the crackers, and your burning fingertips, and pop directly in your mouth.

Photo & recipe courtesy Vanessa Uttaro /

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