I'll admit it:  I often buy books for their covers, even cookbooks.  Having once designed books, I appreciate the challenge of capturing the personality of the text and writer in just the glance of an eye.  And I figure if that much care is put into design, the content and editing should hopefully show the same.  So, yes, the lush image and pretty pattern of Falling Cloudberries captivated me first.  And then I opened it to discover inside an entrancing mix of memory and mouth-watering food.  Tessa Kiros' exotic family tree twines in branches from Finland to Greece to Cyprus to South Africa to Italy, a path that perhaps very few of us know.  But at its core is the influence of her heritage--her parents and grandparents--on her cooking and recipes.  In much the same way my own family tree has influenced my thoughts on home ... fashion ... style ... love ... life.

She's also written one wicked good fried potato and artichoke recipe.

Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes by Tessa Kiros available in Style Maniac's Amazon Boutique (see sidebar or click link above).

"Use the good china for breakfast."