We've found the bag, the hat, the shoes and yet another sublime vintage dress ... now how about we go out for a cocktail sandwich?  Not a cocktail with a sandwich, but a cocktail that is a sandwich.  Or at least an alcoholic version of one.

When I first heard of Carnivorous Cocktails they did not appeal.  Images of Bloody Marys festooned with sausage and pickles danced in my head, and the salt overload made my eyes puffy just thinking about it.  But a recent podcast from The Splendid Table has me re-considering.  In the hands of a master mixologist, artisan ingredients carefully and creatively combined form a magical marriage.  Or so I hear.  Think I need to take a drive down to PX in Alexandria, VA to personally try Todd Thrasher's BLT Cocktail and then fly off to Nacional 27 in Chicago to taste Adam Seger's Iberico Ham with Cheese Swizzle.  Or at least find a version at one of  the swanky new speakeasies popping up in my town.  All in the name of research, dear stylish readers, all in the name of research.

Photo of PX by Matthew Worden via Washingtonian Magazine

"Use the good china for breakfast."