Funny that during the month we are talking about "Work & Play" my laptop should crash, leaving me with no computer for three weeks and counting. (Don't even get me started on Best Buy's GeekSquad "service.") Turns out the simplest tasks--sending a photo from my camera, publishing a blog post--become awful complicated. Also turns out that while technology has made possible so much of what I love to do in work and leisure (reading, writing, design, finding answers to my incessant questions), there's things I miss, too. Remember when we took a few photos, had them developed, anticipated the surprise of how they would turn out, and then actually put them in an album, instead of snapping hundreds of photos never to be looked at again? Or when we made a plan, made a phone call, then didn't have to check email, texts, Twitter and Facebook to be sure it's still a go?

There's tradeoffs with everything in life, and I suppose those are small prices to pay for the wonder of a world where information, possibility and creative expression lie at the tips of your fingers. Where the touch of a button can make your dream come true ... if, that is, you can figure out how to cope when that button fails.

Posted using my iPhone + the newly discovered Blogger email publishing feature + a library visit to fix all the formatting from that email post; with thanks to Dana for suggesting the topic; Barb for loaning her computer so I could include pretty pics in the first two stories of the month; and the really nice library guard who orchestrated extra computer time for me so that while my husband and his computer were away I could book a flight, research a trip, check on my websites, blogs and biz, etc., etc., etc., etc. ...

"Use the good china for breakfast."