Before we head into a fun, fresh Fall season I thought I'd wrap up our summer posts with one last beach book, particularly since it's set on the East End of Long Island, where we kicked off our "The Beach, The Book, The Look, Let's Cook" theme in July.  The Summer We Read Gatsby is a breezy, entertaining read, with a charming cast of characters you'd happily share a beach house with summer ... after summer.  (Hint, hint, author Danielle Ganek:  a sequel would be swell.)

What are some of your best memories from this summer?  And how will you be spending the Labor Day holiday?

NOTE:  Style Maniac will be taking the week off and will return in September with lots of stylish goodies.  I truly enjoyed all of your wonderful comments and contributions here and on the Facebook Page this summer, and look forward to many more in the seasons to come.

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"Use the good china for breakfast."