Part One of Style Maniac's Spring Gift Guide: a suggestion just in time for mother's day.  Check back every Friday this month and discover great gift ideas for grads, dads, brides and birthdays.

For mothers, for daughters, for any woman you love--Jaime Morrison Curtis' new book Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) based on her profound and touching blog. Particularly perfect as a last minute gift find since the book is on pre-order.  So print out the cover image above, place it in a pretty frame, add a massive bouquet of white tulips* and tell your mom she'll be one of the first to get this new treasure that, as one reviewer noted, "eschews the obvious and embraces instead the importance of qualities like curiosity, wonder, adventurousness, and empathy."
*If you live close to your mom, you don't need to rely on a florist for a beautiful bouquet.  High-end grocery stores like Whole Foods have surprisingly good selections. Just remember to buy a lot of the same color flowers --for tulips at least three dozen--so the arrangement is luxuriously abundant.  And please, no filler greens!  (For tips on how to keep flowers fresh longer see this coming Monday's post.)

"Use the good china for breakfast."