From the moment you pass through the chain link fence of Greensgrow Farms delight and magic wash over you.  Grab a little red wagon, pour a cup of coffee and start crunching around the gravel paths to check out the organic produce in the farm market corner, the exotic tropicals in their steamy greenhouse, the cool shade alley, the riotous colors of the annual rows and the incongruity of the chicken pen.  Along the way pester the proprietress Mary with a million questions:  what to plant, when to plant it, what to feed it, where to feed yourself.  She'll answer in detail, never rushed, always making you feel welcome.  Greensgrow's mission is not just to grow plants but to "grow food, flowers and neighbors," and Mary and her team have succeeded, transforming a sour block in a gritty urban neighborhood into an oasis in the city. 

Greensgrow Farms also offers a CSA program, runs a community kitchen, teaches lessons in sustainable agriculture and responsible water use, and holds charming special events throughout the year. Come visit. Greensgrow Farms, 2501 E. Cumberland Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125

"Use the good china for breakfast."