Last month in the post Les Artistes I asked readers to share their favorite artists.  In the Comments section reader Carrie wrote about Patricia Larsen.  Patricia's ethereal paintings captivated me immediately. I just had to feature them on Style Maniac (thank you Carrie!).

Besides the gorgeous colors, what I love about these images is that though calm and soothing they vibrate with energy.  And the process by which they arise is quite unique.

"My work evolves more often from a strong desire to create rather then feeling inspired," Patricia told me. "The inspiration usually comes from the activity of painting.  Using materials such as plaster, concrete and found objects such as rusty bits of metal, the search begins.  Marks, shadows, stains and blurs lead to ideas, memories and images that push forward until I feel the painting has said ENOUGH.  I leave a lot a space for the viewer to interpret for themselves, although I usually work in a series as one painting inspires the next piece."

For more on Patricia Larsen and her work visit back this summer for images of Patricia's amazing beach house on the coast of Mexico.  
Photos courtesy Klee Larsen--who happens to be Patricia's daughter and a talented photographer.  You can see her work at

"Use the good china for breakfast."