I can't say my love of scarves comes from being French, because I'm not.  But I have been collecting and wearing scarves for more than two decades.  The patterned silks and cottons slink their way in and out of my closet seasonally, sometimes taking a vacation on a guest room shelf for a few years before returning to regular rotation.  The bright colors bring life and variety to a wardrobe made up mostly of dark, solid colors.  When it's cold, a scarf knotted close around your throat can keep you incredibly warm.  Folded long and narrow they can take the place of a headband.  Larger pieces become shawls, or even throws for the living room sofa.  And just the other day a strategically tied scarf let me transform a loose and very low-cut bathing suit cover-up into a top suitable for city shopping.  Voilà!

Photo  from the Hermes Spring/Summer 2010 campaign "Life as a Tale." 

"Use the good china for breakfast."