Sandy and the new producers made Style Maniac's 2nd Annual Oscar Show Awards oh so easy.

BEST OF EVERYTHING:  For hair, humor, intelligence, acceptance speech, makeup, dress, career management, looking radiant at 45--and appearing as Barbara Walters' last interviewee and not crying--Sandra Bullock stole the night. (And I haven't even seen The Blind Side yet.)  Bonus points for showing up at the Razzie's the night before to collect her All About Steve bad acting award with grace and wit.  

WORST:  The show makeover. Hope those new Exec Producers kept their day jobs. On second thought, any producer that starts the show with a Busby Berkeley musical number, orchestrates the longest Best Actor/Actress nominee introductions in history and then does not bring Lauren Bacall on stage to accept her Lifetime Achievement Award does not deserve a day job in show biz.

HONORARY AWARDS: To smart and stylish Twitteristas Rachel at Rue La La for excellent pre-game coverage;  Lisa Sullivan for smartest Oscar wardrobe and menu; and Lesley Abravanel for overall red carpet and show commentary far more entertaining than the broadcast itself.  Perhaps Lesley should host next year--or at the very least replace the E! team.  Her tweets had me falling off the sofa laughing.  Good thing, too, or I would have fallen asleep in the middle of this snoozefest.

"Use the good china for breakfast."