As promised at the beginning of this month of Makeover Madness, here's the recipe The Redecorators used to transform a sedate corner of our favorite local bookstore into a colorful and kooky kids table all the adults wished they had been invited to sit at. (Yes, my decorating company does events and parties, too.  For more info click here or The Redecorators link above.)
  1. Cover a bland brown wood table with a bright neon-yellow cloth (this one's a polarfleece blanket).
  2. Roll up colorful washcloths to use as napkins.
  3. Set each place with real china. Choose something modern, fun, and not too expensive, like these cartoon Blurb plates (Mmmm, Yum!, Help. Sigh...)
  4. Add flashing glasses for pizzaz and crazy curly straws for silliness.
  5. Create a centerpiece with vintage Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads.
  6. Bring in Ikea's sturdy, thick plastic Mammut chairs of lime and blue.
  7. Give out Dr. Seuss books as party favors.
  8. Have fun!

"Use the good china for breakfast."