Sex & The City: The Movie | Carrie's Apartment AFTER 

Carrie's Apartment BEFORE

Carrie's Apartment BEFORE

Carrie's Apartment AFTER

Tomorrow night's Academy Awards has me thinking about movie makeovers.  In the decorating division, the transformation of Carrie Bradshaw's studio apartment ranks amongst my favorites. In Sex & The City, the TV series, Carrie's drab living space took a back seat to the fashions.  In Sex & The City: The Movie, locations and decor move center stage, beginning with the search for the perfect Manhattan residence that serves as catalyst for the entire plot and concluding with this apartment makeover marking a return to personal happiness ... and then to happily ever after.  At least at the end of Movie 1.  Who knows what fate awaits Carrie & Co. in Movie 2, coming this May.

CREDITS: Sex & The City: The Movie production design by Jeremy Conway.  Set decoration by L. Marks.  Before photos via Honeybee. After photos by Craig Blankenhorn  for New Line Cinema via Casa Sugar.

"Use the good china for breakfast."