One year ago I began Style Maniac as a way to get back to writing, combat the dour economy and finally realize, in online form, the magazine dreams that had been rattling around in my head for so long.  What I never imagined is that it would be so satisfying and oh so much fun.  Or that I would learn so many things about technology ... social media ... using lemon yellow as a neutral.  Most of all--best of all--I had no idea that this blog would strengthen, revive and bring new friendships to my life.

As a writer, you sit alone facing a blank screen, often wondering if you are the only person in the world to have a particular thought.  Through a blog, you discover that an entire community shares not just a thought, but a similar interest and passion in books, movies, music, fashion, humor, decorating, entertaining, living ... with style.  Even more amazing, that community encompasses ages 13 to 76, and includes women around the globe whom you've never met and probably never will. And yet you are all connected through this amazing, crazy medium.

So thanks to each one of you--readers, subscribers, followers, fans, family, friends, contributors, guest posters, photographers, artists, fellow bloggers and, especially, husband--for opening my eyes, brightening my world and letting me share my mania with you.

Photo courtesy Stefan Janeschitz, discovered through the magic of Flickr.  Many thanks to Stefan for the perfect image (a single yellow&white candle--exactly what I wanted!). Check out his photo website,

"Use the good china for breakfast."