My Blue Duck shearling single-handedly changed my entire view of winter.  It’s the warmest thing I’ve ever owned.  Best of all, you can get deep discounts on these pricey coats at the Manhattan showroom, which is open to the public at limited times. (Thanks, Gina, for letting me in on this secret years ago.)  The best bargains can be found right now, before the showroom closes for the season in February.

And where is a photo of this maniac find? Well, girls, fashion photography is an animal I have yet to tame.  Sometimes I win and get the shot I want and sometimes, arghhh.  So just close your eyes and imagine: soft tan suede subtly, sporadically tattooed with faded florals and paisley, enveloping fluffy fur so comfy you could wear it to bed and so toasty that just one layer beneath--say, a cotton turtleneck--suffices even in bitter cold.

DRESS: Women's and men's shearling coats and more available at Blue Duck's Manhattan showroom (463 7th Avenue, Suite 806 | phone: 212-268-3122), just moments from Penn Station.

"Use the good china for breakfast."