Just a glimpse of these brooch bouquets brightened my dreary January day.  They touch on so many things I love: beauty, originality, my treasured collection of vintage costume jewelry inherited from my grandmothers and great-grandmothers; and wrap it all up in a timeless design filled with history, sentiment and joy.
Each piece is one of a kind, created by floral designer (I'd call her an artist) Amanda Heer from jewelry provided by a bride's family.  In addition to brooches, Amanda often includes an antique watch set at the hour of the ceremony.  Though intended as a wedding bouquet, these would be just as amazing as an anniversary gift or an accessory in your home.

Brooch bouquets first discovered on this is glamorous.  Photos courtesy Amanda Heer, Fantasy Floral Designs.  Photo credits:  Alice Hu Photography (top); Hanssie Trainor Photography (middle); and Barnet Photography (bottom).

"Use the good china for breakfast."